A jar of possibilities

As I look ahead towards a year of creating and making I find myself searching for something. Something from outside my own head to push or pull or nudge or challenge my process of creating. Sparks to get the trains of thought going.

So I came up with a plan to make sure I get regular little jolts of input to take my mind and my hands in new directions:

Each month I’ll draw a creative prompt from a jar and this will be the theme of the month. I will interpret the theme as literally or as loosely as I see fit and I will let it guide my curiosity and see where it takes me.

To make sure that the themes actually takes me somewhere new I am asking the people around me to help me fill the jar of possible prompts. Simple notes with a word or a sentence or a question. Folded to prevent me to look at the notes ahead of time.

When I presented this idea to friends yesterday they not only gifted me with an envelope full of notes, N also came with a great addition to the premise. Instead of just drawing one note and be stuck with it no matter what, I’ll draw three notes and either combine them or pick the one that speaks to me the most.

For January I have a bunch of unfinished crafting projects I want to finish and I expect to spend a fair amount of time on finding a working rhythm to my days. Thus I am holding off a little on drawing a prompt for this month, keeping it as a promise for the mid-month slump.