In collaboration with Folkuniversitetet Malmö I am offering courses in embroidery and knitting this spring. For an overview of these and upcoming courses I’ve created the Kurser – Teaching page.

This is also part of the perpetual figuring out how to best use this space as a platform for my work. I am an bilingual person living in a bilingual border-region. Until now I’ve gone with English as the main language for this space, but I’m wondering if a section (if not everything?) in Swedish or Danish might be better for reaching my local peers and customers.


  1. Multilingualism is an eternal question for blogs I feel. I’ve decided to just post in various languages in the same space, English, Dutch and German. While English is the most used language, for some entries another language makes more sense. I use different WordPress categories to signify a language. This allows to have a separate menu item or feed for Dutch and German. But the posts are all on the same front page, and other category archive. (I’ve added a bit of code to my template to add automatic translation links to non-english posts in my rss feed, and to allow machines to determine in which language a post is). Something I don’t do (yet), but quite like (esp for longer posts), is what Stephanie Booth does (climbtothestars.org). She adds English brief excerpts to her French posts and vice versa (not a summary, but something like “in this posting I discuss what gardening means to me”). In summary: it’s your blog, use whatever mix of languages makes sense to you 😀

    1. Good points, Ton! Both to trust that readers are savvy enough to read what they are interested in and that I don’t have to be less than I am – meaning that I am allowed to use _all_ my languages 😀

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