Project research reboot with Obsidian

For a while now I have had an idea brewing that I for different reasons felt stuck with. This week I am rebooting my approach, going over old notes and getting back into the subject matter and imagery.

Since one of the things I got stuck on was researching and collecting references – filling my imagination’s tank so to speak. It has been a good while since I last had a project that required comprehensive and structured research and I have just been scratching a bit at the surface feeling I needed a container for the stuff I collect somehow.

When I read Ton’s post on note-taking with Obsidian it seemed to be the thing I have been looking for. And after this morning’s playing around with Obsidian it might be just that: easy to get started, no more or less features than I need and after a quick refresh on Markdown I was up and good to go in less than 30 mins.

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